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Arne Mason

The Finest Traditional & Contemporary Leather Cases Since 1972

Time and time again, the fly fisher's search for the finest hard leather cases ends with Arne Mason of Ashland Oregon. Influenced by both traditional European hand stitching and western saddlery techniques, Mason has developed a distinct personal style. Characterized by tasteful classic designs and uncompromisingly clean, hand mitered French edges, Mason's work continues to set the standard by which the fly-fishing industry's leather work is measured. His leather is the finest grade A English Bridle tanned in the USA. English Bridle is the most durable leather, the interior is hot-stuffed with natural oils and the surface is waxed, making it the traditional choice for outdoor use.


All cases are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship

Rod Cases

The ultimate case to protect and present your fine flyrod

All cases are individually made to fit your rod

We pre-fit the leather to the tube and trim the side seam almost flush to give the case the slimmest possible profile. The top and bottom are hand sewn with a "French edge" stitch across an all but invisible seam. The result is a uniquely clean and finished look.

The buckle is solid brass, and because buckle straps endure the most wear from bending and pulling, we laminate two layers of topgrain for maximum strength. A soft foam base on the inside top and bottom cushions delicate tips.

Personalization by name, rod weight, length or serial number is available.

Add $60 for fleece lined shoulder strap or hand stitched luggage handle

Large Diameter cases available for travel and multiple rods

Tube Inside Dia Price
Brass 1 11/16" $360
Aluminum 1 3/4" $345
Large Brass 2 1/8" $390
Large Aluminum 2 1/8" $374
Alum tube travel case for multiple rods 3 3/8" $490
4" PVC with handle or strap 4" $720

Traditional travel case for multiple rods


Interior fully lined with woven wool baize cloth Removable shoulder strap & deluxe handle 21/4" x 6" inside dimension holds a variety of rods & tubes

Luggage handle and fleece lined shoulder strap

Both handle and strap adjust to lay flat along case body (strap is also removable)

Reel Cases

Clamshell Style

$145 (add $20 for custom fitting extra-wide reels)

Full 10 oz. leather thickness and genuine sheepskin fleece lining Traditional solid brass stud and slot closure

Three sizes ensure the right fit

Small fits reels up to - dia. 27/8" x 21/2" width *
Medium fits reels up to - dia. 33/8" x 23/4" width *
Large fits reels up to - dia. 37/8" x 3" width *
* measure width from the widest point on the backplate to the end of the handle knob on the faceplate

Hardy style Case


A deluxe version of the traditional English reel case with fitted handle blocks inside - custom fit to your reel.

Interior fully lined with ultrasuede or woven wool baize cloth

Vom Hofe style


The classic American reel case

* full interior lining in sueded leather

* custom fit to each reel with the 3 measurements below:
Diameter outside diameter
Width measure width from the widest point of the backplate to the end of the handle knob on the faceplate
Height diameter plus any extension of the reel foot

Exotic materials available on all cases.

All reel cases shown are stitched with a "French Edge" for a durable and seamless appearance

Multiple Reel Cases

All custom cases, multi-reel cases, & exotic materials are priced per order.

Fly Wallets

Traditional Leather Fly Wallets

Made of the finest English Bridle topgrain cowhide in a rich mahogany color - lined with genuine sheepskin fleece.

Solid brass buckle and strap & solid brass snap (also available with brass stud and slot closure)
Solid brass buckle and strap (4" x 6") $75
Solid brass stud or snap closure (4" x 6") $70

Closed ends (shown above) also available
Closed end buckle style = $95
Closed end snap or stud style = $90

Large Size


4" x 7.5"

leather pocket, felt dividers, and two brass snaps
* Initials embossed at no extra charge *

Extra Capacity Travel Wallet


2" x 6" x 9"

Two large fleece sections hold enough of even the largest flies.

The center fleeces are backed with high grade chamois, creating a third section of chamois to chamois for superior absorbency to quickly dry wet flies.

Hand-stitched leather tabs enclose the ends to keep flies securely in place.

Brass buckle and fixed strap closure

Slip for Wheatley Fly Box


Fully lined with topgrain english bridle cowhide, these molded slips are available is six colors of Nigerian goatskin

available colors

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