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About West Slope

Just one last look at Pinky's work before she makes her way to another happy client!

My name is Rick D. Sorensen, owner and operator of West Slope Classic Fly Tackle. At ten years of age, my passion for fly fishing was ignited with a Cane Rod, the Kings River, and the mentoring of a tremendous fly fisherman. My beloved grandfather, Chet D. Sorensen Sr., is responsible for planting the seeds which later in my life became the basis for establishing West Slope Classic Fly Tackle.

In pursuit of my life's work, I sought a career in the fast-paced world of litigation working for Major Legal Services serving the largest law firms in California. Although very profitable, this challenging position consumed my life which also included health issues associated with high stress along with less time for fishing and the stream.

Through the tremendous support of a wonderful family, friends and specifically my loyal client base throughout the world , my dreams have been realized in establishing West Slope Classic Fly Tackle. During the course of my work as West Slope, I have had the pleasure of selling both vintage and current rods and reels such as Aroner, Bellinger, Bogdan, Bo Mohlin, Brandin, Dickerson, E. Vom Hofe, Godfrey, Hardy, Kineya, Kusse, Leonard, Orvis, Payne, Paul H. Young, Peerless, Pickard, Seamaster, Thomas & Thomas, Walker, Winston and Zwarg, etc. Without a doubt, I love my work in serving and building long-term relationships with my valued customers. I am committed to providing personalized customer service 24-7.....unless I am fishing!

Mission Statement

West Slope Classic Fly Tackle will provide the best possible tackle from around the world through personalized customer service and access to valued international resources in locating the items of your dreams.

Thank You!

R.D. Sorensen

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