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David M. Edel Classic Reels

~ One of a kind - One at a time ~

David M. Edel

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I am very proud to announce the addition of Custom Made Reels by David M. Edel of Reedsport, Oregon. David's multifaceted talents are best known through his custom designed golf putters which have become the standard of professionals worldwide. Additionally, David's well known ability as a watchmaker has been recognized as he was commissioned and recently completed his first run of watches for the famous Concourse de Elegance in PebbleBeach.

David has taken his vast knowledge of the internal workings of the original EVH reels then pairing it with his expert craftsmanship and love for fly fishing. The result is one of today's finest bench-made reels in the Edward Vom Hofe style. Ironically, the Vom Hofe brothers started out as watchmakers also.

I feel David's custom reels will quickly become heirlooms, holding their own with the famous makers of the past, present, and future. Hard side plates, nickel silver, click or silent adjustable drag are just a few of the reels' trademarks. I can't put into words how nice these reels are.Just imagine fishing with a LHW Edward Vom Hofe trout reel, then you'll understand. When held in your hand, you quickly realize you're holding something special like a fine work of are. Whether you decide to add these stunting reels to your collection behind the glass or fish when on the stream, the pride of ownership will stand the test of time and their uniqueness will be admired for years to come.

Also, each reel comes with a custom made reel case by A.E. Nelson. Mr. Nelson is one of the finest creel makers in the nation and is located in Solo, Oregon. Many other styles of custom reel cases are available upon request.

David is always experimenting with the thought of making classic reels from the past which may include Talbot & Meeks just to name a few. The same goes with different material use in building his reels like titanium or sterling silver. We have talked about a very limited 4 reel box set for the future which may include the EVH Perfection, Philbrook & Payne, Talbot Ben Hur and Meeks 44.

Please contact me for any special request or question you might have.

I'm sure we can accommodate you with any needs. Keep in mind the each reel in itself is almost a "One off Reel" and is very limited. So a little patience's is required as each reel only leave David's bench when it is made to perfection in keeping with the reels name.

Best Regards
Rick D. Sorensen
Sole Agent for D.M. Edel Classic Reels

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