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Ted Godfrey Fly Reels

West Slope Classic Fly Tackle is proud to be one of the very first dealers of Godfrey Fly Reels in the USA

2 - 6 Weight Trout Reels

The Classic, Custom, and Westminster Reels are traditional styled reels in a wide choice of features, style, and function. All are hand made in a small shop not unlike that of the 19th century tackle smiths. Specific design information:
Trout Reel Design

Paladin Reels

The Paladin geared retrieve reel is lavishly hand crafted with impeccable design for the serious angler. With hand polished and carved nickel silver face, the Paladin is the most elegant and powerful reel available. The Paladin has been in design for five years and is finally available on a limited bases due to the considerable amount of time-consuming hand crafting involved throughout! Ether nickel silver sides or aluminum sides (like the Talbot Ben Hur) are available. Aluminum is the lighter weight choice for lighter, shorter rods.

The aluminum is special grade of 7075 aircraft aluminum used here for its considerable strength and superb, hard finish. The 18% nickel silver is pure elegance. Eigher material makes a for a fishing tool unsurpassed by other reels available today. The drag system is smooth as silk like the Paradigm and the geared system has been perfected over 20 years ago in powerful trout and salmon reels. Much of the design effort was focused on marrying the drag system with the gear train in a reel that was still easy to take down. Like all Godfrey reels, the Paladin features single screw takedown.

Added elegance is seen in detailing throughout. The pillars feature nice step collars and the rims are cleanly carved like wedding bands. The handle arm is carved, extra heavy aluminum and the fitting finely knurled. The face plate is all carved and hand polished to perfection while the polished back plate features special knurling on all fittings. This reel never loses value despite heavy use or abuse because bands can be replaced if really crunched, and nicks anywhere can always be polished up - just like new!


Paladin Specifications
Model Size Line Width Weight * Price
Model 40 2.75 in. DT-4-25 yds 1.27 in. 4.7 oz. $2,250.00
Model 50 2.75 in. DT-5-25 yds 1.33 in. 4.8 oz. $2,250.00
Model 55 2.75 in. DT-5-75 yds 1.38 in. 4.8 oz. $2,250.00
Model 65 3.0 in. WF-5-75 yds 1.21 in. 5.3 oz. $2,275.00
Model 70 3.0 in. WF-6-50 yds 1.27 in. 5.5 oz. $2,275.00
Model 75 3.0 in. DT-6-60 yds 1.33 in. 5.5 oz. $2,275.00
Backing is 20 lb. Micron
Extra Spools: $195
* Reel Weight with aluminum sides; add 2 full ounces for nickel silver sides

The Model 40 - This is the perfect four weight Paladin. If aluminum sides are employed it weighs only 4.7 oz. and balances a 7.5 foot rod just right.

Model 50 and 55 Reels - Model 50 is the standard reel to hold either a weight forward with plenty of backing or a double taper type five weight line. For shorter rods the light weight aluminum sides are advised for better rod balance. The 55 is practically the same as the 50 - just a little wider for more capacity.

The Three inch Reels - These are primarily for longer rods and large river fishing where plenty of capacity geared retrieve and line control are most advantageous. Big fish often "rush" the angler and the larger size and faster retrieve overcome this awkward situation. On the great rivers of North America, these reels make big-fish fishing more fun and a lot less fuss.

Models: 40, 50, 55, 65, 70 or 75
Handle Arm: Custom-Serpentine or Pendulum
Handle Knob: Black or White
Please Specify: Left Hand or Right Hand Wind
Please Specify: Nickel Silver or Aluminum Sides
Extra Spools: $195.00 each

Perfectionist Reels

The PERFECTIONIST REEL is made in the tradition of precision, handmade reels made with classic materials: German silver frame, bronze bearings and hard as a rock - polished black hard coat aluminum sides that capture the elements of classic reel design. This finely detailed reel combines many unique features for lasting beauty -- the Vom Hofe style adjustment knob, traditional black side plates, and unique and elegant 6-pillar raised pillar frame made of hand-cut and polished nickel silver.

The reel is elegant in simplicity yet very functional with its 9-position pawl and spring drag adjustment and of course single screw take down. This reel mechanism is the result of three years of design and testing which has yielded a calibrated, linear adjust system with true repeatability - drag tension in adjust-up same as adjust-down. Of the classic spring pawl reels available, the Perfectionist is the toughest, most elegant, and has the most precise drag adjustment. Making this particular reel has been a labor of love and I think of it as a reel for the "serious" angler; the drag range can be custom calibrated per your request.

Classic Perfectionist

Perfectionist Reel Models and Specifications
Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
GPF-305 2.75 in. DT-4 Wt. 75 yards backing 1.24 in. 5.6 oz. $2,075.00
GPF-306 2.75 in. DT-5 Wt. 50 yards backing 1.30 in. 5.6 oz. $2,075.00
GPF-306D 2.75 in. DT-6 Wt. 60 yards backing 1.38 in. 5.8 oz. $2.075.00
GPF-306D-D 2.75 in. DT-6 Wt. 120 yards backing 1.46 in. 5.8 oz. $2.075.00
Fm Size is frame diameter not including the pillars.
Backing is 20 lb. Micron
Width is width of the nickel silver frame - see profile above.

The Model 274 - The lightest Perfectionist will balance a typical 7 1/2 foot cane rod. It has a lot of capacity for a 2 1/2 inch diameter framed reel, and is definitely the most favored model size!

Five Weight Reels - Model 275 is the standard reel to hold either a weight forward with plenty of backing or a double taper type line. The "W" model is especially designed for those who want a 2 1/2 inch diameter reel that will hold a 6 weight line. The larger, but more narrow 305 reel is for those who want like a more narrow profile and a little faster line retrieve.

The 306 and 306W - Six Weight Reels - By some standards these are still fairly light and will generally balance any 8 foot cane rod or 9 foot graphite rod. Excellent choice for all-around fishing for trout and bass in the great rivers of North America.

Models: 274, 275, 275W, 305, 306, and 306W
Handle Arm: Single, Gothic-Serpentine or Classic "s"
Face Plate: Plain or Perforated
Handle Knob: Black or White
Extra Spools: $175.00 each

The New Brown Trout Reel

features a special perforated face plate and special new back plate with medallion in the center. The circle of red dots run around the inside of the ports and makes this reel unique. All other features are the same as the very popular Westminster reel including nickel silver bands and fittings and light weight aluminum handle arm, spool and foot.

The Brown Trout

The unique reel faceplate features a single row of ports and a row of red dots. Order either the serpentine or the Westiminster handle arm for this reel.

Brown Trout Specifications
Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
GBRN 274L 2.75 in. WF-4-25 yds 1.16 in. 4.3 oz. $1,075.00
GBRN 274 2.75 in. DT-4-25 yds 1.22 in. 4.3 oz. $1,075.00
GBRN 275 2.75 in. DT-5-25 yds 1.28 in. 4.4 oz. $1,075.00
GBRN 275W 2.75 in. WF-6-20 yds 1.36 in. 4.4 oz. $1,095.00
GBRN 305 3.0 in. WF-5-75 yds 1.16 in. 4.7 oz. $1,115.00
GBRN 306 3.0 in. WF-6-50 yds 1.22 in. 4.7 oz. $1,115.00
GBRN 306D 3.0 in. DT-6-60 yds 1.28 in. 4.8 oz. $1,115.00

Models: 274L, 274, 275, 275W, 305, 306, 306D
Handle Arm: Serpentine or Westminister
Face Plate: Solid or Perforated
Handle Knob: Black or White
Extra Spools: $175.00 each

The Westminster Series Trout Reels

The adjustible click Westminster reels are light weight traditional styled reels available in a wide range of model types and sizes. New Heritage Westminster reel models are reminiscent of the 1880's Leonard and Payne Reels

The Westminster

The Westminster Classic Style Reel

The Westminster Reel sets a new standard for light weight reel design and fine craftsmanship. The original Godfrey Classic Reels are light weight and these new Westminster Reels are lighter yet. This benchmark design includes all nickel silver fittings - outer bands and screws, plus very durable black hard-coat finished aluminum side plates. Westminster reels with special nickel silver alloy frame reveals a very elegant golden color over time.

Model GW-232

This two weight reel is the smallest Godfrey reel. It is great for six foot superfine cane rods!

Three Weight Reels

Model GW-253 and GW-253D are the perfect three weight reels for six to six and half foot cane rods At 4 oz. These are truly classic size reels, but a new standard in lightness and rod balance.

Four Weight Reels

Models GW-274L and 274 are perfect reels for seven to seven and half foot cane and longer graphite rods. The GW-274L is a nice narrow classic looking reel and the GW-274 will hold either a weight forward or double taper type line.

Five Weight Reels

Model GW-275 is the standard reel to hold either a weight forward with plenty backing or a double taper type line. The GW-275W provides extra large spool so that it can also be used with a six weight line.

The Six Weight Reels

At less than five ounces, the GW-306 and GW-306D are wonderful for 6 weight outfits. These reels with the elegant Westminster or traditional Serpentine handle arms ar perfect reels for river trout and bass fishing.

Westminster Models and Specifications
Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
GW-252 2.5 in. DT-2 Wt. 30 yards backing 1.16 in. 4.0 oz. $1,150.00
GW-253D 2.5 in. DT-3 Wt. 25 yards backing 1.22 in. 4.1 oz. $1,150.00
GW-273 2.75 in. DT-3 Wt. 50 yards backing 1.16 in. 4.3 oz. $1,200.00
GW-274 2.75 in. DT-4 Wt. 25 yards backing 1.22 in. 4.3 oz. $1,200.00
GW-275 2.75 in. DT-5 Wt. 25 yards backing 1.28 in. 4.4 oz. $1,200.00
GW-275W 2.75 in. WF-6 Wt. 20 yards backing 1.36 in. 4.4 oz. $1,200.00
GW-306 3.0 in. WF-6 Wt. 50 yards backing 1.22 in. 4.7 oz. $1,250.00
GW-306D 3.0 in. DT-6 60 yards backing 1.28 in. 4.8 oz. $1,250.00
* Backing is 20 lb. Micron   Extra spools: $175
NOTE: Add 40 yds backing or perhaps one size heavier line if silk or Cortland Sylk fly line is employed.

Phoenix Reel (was Little Brook Trout)

Hand-crafted Inlayed Reels

The Phoenix Reel is somewhat unique among raised pillar reels. Cosmetically inspired by the much revered Philbrook - Payne mottled reels, it is a departure from the typical heritage raised pillar reel, which were cute, but limited in function.

The raised pillar frame makes it possible to make a classic style reel that has considerable capacity in a small package. Advantage is taken with models with relatively large diameter, narrow spools for fast line retrieve and weight reduction. All of the models here are the slimmest Godfrey reels available.Add to this the suburb drum drag system of the Custom class of reels and this is a great "package" with exceptional cosmetics that shouts style as well as wonderful functionality. This is a time consuming reel to make and thus maybe classed as a reel for the serious angler who wants exceptional function, feel, and appearance.

Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
No. 350 2.50 in. DT-3-25 yds 1.20 in. 5.6 oz. $2,225.00
No. 450 2.50 in. DT-4-75 yds 1.26 in. 5.6 oz. $2,225.00
No. 550 2.75 in. DT-5-75 yds 1.20 in. 5.6 oz. $2,250.00
No. 565 2.75 in. DT-6-75 yds 1.26 in. 5.6 oz. $2,250.00
No. 660 3.0 in. DT-6-50 yds 1.20 in. 5.6 oz. $2,275.00
No. 675 3.0 in. DT-3-100 yds 1.28 in. 6.0 oz. $2,275.00
* Backing is 20 lb. Micron   Extra spools: $175

The Heritage Bi-Metal Reel (available again)

The Godfrey Heritage BiMetal Reel is back with improvements both in styling and material. This is obviously modeled after the famous Leonard BiMetal with nickel silver sides and bronze frame. This lovely BiMetal features new dies cut to make the face plate name and harder - more scratch resistant nickel silver, plus a prettier, more machinable bronze frame.

Like all Godfrey reels the BiMetal features single screw take down and the tried-and-true adjustable click pawl drag system. Due to the weight of the nickel silver, this reel is produced in the smaller sizes for line weights 3 - 5. This is a wonderfully functional, much improved reel, and certainly an elegant statement to complement your favorite cane rod.

The Heritage Bi-Metal Reel The Heritage Bi-Metal Reel The Heritage Bi-Metal Reel The Heritage Bi-Metal Reel

Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
GBI 30 2.31 in. WF-3-20 yds 1.17 in. 4.9 oz. $1,215.00
GBI 35 2.31 in. DT-3-25 yds 1.23 in. 4.9 oz. $1,215.00
GBI 40 2.5 in. WF-4-20 yds 1.17 in. 5.5 oz. $1,250.00
GBI 45 2.5 in. DT-4-25 yds 1.23 in. 5.6 oz. $1,250.00
GBI 50 2.5 in. DT-5-25 yds 1.30 in. 5.6 oz. $1,250.00
GBI 60 2.75 in. WF-6-50 yds 1.17 in. 5.5 oz. $1,295.00
GBI 65 2.75 in. WF-6-60 yds 1.23 in. 5.6 oz. $1,295.00
* Backing is 20 lb. Micron   Extra spools: $175
Handle knob: Black, White
Handle arm: Single, BiMetal Serpentine, Classic Serpentine or Philbrook

Custom drum drag trout reels

The Custom Trout Reels are finely detailed in German Silver with 10-postion adjustable drum drag system. These supurb classic style reels are ideal for finess as well as big water - big fish angling

Custom Paradigm Reels

The new custom paradigm reels

Feature the powerful, exclusive Godfrey Custom drum drag system with positive lever adjustment that was first introduced in 1986. The basic design has 20 years field testing around the world: Alaskan trout and silver salmon, Montana spring creek rainbows and browns, Icelandic sea run trout - anywhere fine-tippet finesse angling or sheer power is needed. Featuring classic nickel silver fittings, smooth adjustable drag, elegant design, and massive bearings, the Godfrey Custom Paradigm Reels are the finest trout reels available for the serious angler.

Ted Godfrey Paradigm Ted Godfrey Paradigm Ted Godfrey Paradigm Ted Godfrey Paradigm

Three and Four Weight Reels

The Beaverkill at two and half inch diameter is a true classic, but with all the modern Paradigm designed power and features. The two four weight reels: The Spruce Creek is the most popular Godfrey Custom Paradigm Reel and the sleek, narrow profile Penns Creek is "the reel" for small streams and fine fishing.

The Malleo and Madison Reels

The five weights: The Malleo is the standard reel for a weight forward five line with plenty of backing or for a double taper five with 40 yds less backing. This is the best all around reel for seven and half and eight foot cane rods. The new Madison three inch reel is a great reel with that classic American narrow profile and quick line retrieve.

The Ausable Reel

For five and six weight: The popular Ausable model is the standard full function relatively light reel for six weight line.

The Big Horn Reel

Big river six weight: This is the largest Godfrey trout reel made. It is specifically designed to provide great line control, added backing capacity, and a very classy narrow profile. With great line control of the drum drag system and faster line retrieve of the larger diameter spool, this is the best large river -- large trout reel available!

The Burled Wood Reels

Sumptuous Elegance: The Paradigm walnut burled wood reels are the culmination of nearly 20 years working with wood side plate reels. These are a unique design that really shows off the wood grain against the nickel silver reel frame bands and reel fittings. These weight the same as the black hard coat Paradigms are are fully impregnated so they are fit for the weather and the river. I only make a of these reels every few years so they are something of a oft asked for rarity. I will be happy to fill your order if I can, but some orders are deferred to a day when I can devote the time necessary for this intricate and time consuming type of custom reel crafting. Impregnated burled walnut sides with matching Diamondwood TM handle knob . . . $500.00.

Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
Beaverkill 2.56 in. DT-3-25 yds 1.28 in. 4.5 oz. $1,695.00
Penns Creek 2.75 in. WF-4-25 yds 1.12 in. 4.7 oz. $1,615.00
Spruce Creek 2.75 in. DT-4-25 yds 1.28 in. 4.7 oz. $1,615.00
Malleo 2.75 in. DT-5-25 yds 1.36 in. 4.8 oz. $1,615.00
Madison 3.0 in. WF-5-75 yds 1.22 in. 5.2 oz. $1,645.00
Ausable 3.0 in. WF-6-50 yds 1.28 in. 5.3 oz. $1,645.00
Bighorn 3.2 in. WF-6-75 yds 1.22 in. 5.6 oz. $1,695.00
Bighorn DT 3.2 in. DT-6-100 yds 1.28 in. 5.7 oz. $1,695.00
* Backing is 20 lb. Micron   Extra spools: $175

Classic Trout Reels

The first classic style reels worked out over a five year period in the mid 1990's. Originally losely based on nineteenth century Vom Hofe reel designs, the frame and internal mechanism are made of modern materials, but maintain the flavor, feel and function of the vintage reels.

Godfrey Classic Reels

Classic reels are made

In the tradition of precision, hand-made reels made with nickel silver, bronze and aluminum. These reels capture the essential elements of the elegant classic single action reel design with a focus on fine detail and finish as well as function. Originally designed to compliment the finest cane rods, these reels are light enough to be fished with quality graphite as well. Now in production for five years, the Classics have become my post popular reel design.

Three Weight Reels

The 253 and 253D models are truly classic size reels, but they are much lighter weight than the vintage reels. The Model 253 is best for fine diameter silk fly lines.

Four Weight Reels

Models 274L and 274 are simply two different frame widths. The 274L is a nice narrow classic looking reel. The 274 is definitely a much favored Classic Reel Model!

Five Weight Reels

Model 275 is the standard reel to hold either a weight forward with plenty backing or a double taper type line. The "W" model is especially designed for those who want a 2 3/4 inch diameter reel that will hold a 6 weight line.

The 306- Six Weight Reel

By some standards this is still a fairly light reel especially for any 8 foot cane or 9 foot graphite rod! This is an excellent all-around reel for river fishing and is especially good as a perfect match to very popular five weight eight foot cane rods.

Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
253 2.56 in. DT-2-25 yds 1.24 in. 4.0 oz. $1,165.00
253D 2.56 in. DT-3-25 yds 1.30 in. 4.1 oz. $1,165.00
274L 2.75 in. WF-4-25 yds 1.24 in. 4.8 oz. $1,195.00
274 2.75 in. WF-4-25 yds 1.30 in. 5.0 oz. $1,195.00
275 2.75 in. WF-5-25 yds 1.38 in. 5.1 oz. $1,195.00
275W 2.75 in. WF-6-20 yds 1.45 in. 5.2 oz. $1,215.00
306 3.0 in. WF-6-50 yds 1.30 in. 5.5 oz. $1,245.00
306D 3.0 in. DT-6-60 yds 1.38 in. 5.5 oz. $1,245.00
* Backing is 20 lb. Micron   Extra spools: $175
Note: Add 40 yrds backing or perhaps one size heavier line if a traditiona; silk or Cortland Sylk fly line is employeed.

7-12 Weight Custom Power Reels

Godfrey Custom Salmon, Steelhead and Spey reels have a 20 year history fishing the great rivers of the world from Norway's Alta to the Restigouche and to the Babine. With powerful drag system and geared retrieve, these classic styled reels are the best reels available for the grand sport.

Custom Salmon Series

The Custom Salmon, Salmon-Steelhead, and Salmon-Spey reel models are the ultimate in elegant reel making. These traditional styled geared retrieve reels offer power in a refined reel design with 20 years service around the world.

Salmon - Steelhead Models

Rio Grande, Deschutes, and Babine have all the features of the Custom 3.5 inch Salmon Reels, but are narrower and lighter in weight. The spools are narrower to accommodate small diameter 20 lb braided backing. Designed for maximum line control, the Custom Steelhead reels are full-featured with geared retrieve. When looking for sheer power and elegant detailed reelsmithing, you are "home" with the Custom Steelhead Reels.

The Salmon Models

For over 20 years the Godfrey Salmon Reels have caught thousands of Atlantic salmon around the world. Since the Custom Salmon Reels are designed to provide more than adequate backing capacity, simply choose a Custom Reel to match your salmon rod line designation.

The Spey Reels

The Salmon II and Salmon III Custom Spey Reels feature large capacity for 300 yards of backing plus a full size modern spey line. These four inch diameter reels have double pillar design for extra rigidity. The drag system has heavier shoes and powerful drag spring for extra power for handling heavy fish in fast water.

Model Size Line * Width Weight Price
Salmon-Steelhead Models
Rio Grande 3.5 in. WF-7-150 yds 1.46 in. 8.8 oz. $2,175.00
Deschutes 3.5 in. WF-8-150 yds 1.56 in. 9.0 oz. $2,175.00
Babine 3.5 in. WF-9-150 yds 1.66 in. 9.2 oz. $2,175.00
Salmon Models
Light Salmon 3.5 in. WF-8-200 yds 1.85 in. 9.6 oz. $2,250.00
Salmon 3.5 in. WF-9-200 yds 1.95 in. 9.8 oz. $2,250.00
Heavy Salmon 3.5 in. WF-10-200 yds 2.05 in. 10 oz. $2,250.00
Spey Models
Salmon 11 4 in. Spey-9-300 yds 1.95 in. 12 oz. $2,350.00
Salmon 111 4 in. Spey-10-300 yds 2.05 in. 12.5 oz. $2,350.00
* Salmon-Steelhead reel backing: 20 lbs
* Salmon and Spey reel backing: 30lb
Extra spools: $200

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