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Feel free to sign our guest book and please tell us what you think about the site or if you want maybe a little about yourself. It's whatever comes to mind, fly fishing related. Please keep it nice and clean! Thanks!

R.D. Sorensen

Guest Book Messages

Name: David Poirier
Message: This is a wonderful website you have here Sir, Thank you greatly for sharing ! :)


Name: Greenwell
Message: Hi Rick, This is a great site you have set up,one for my favourite sites. Hope you are looking after that big W/Wickham. Tight lines Chris,H.


Name: Dan Dingfelder
Message: What an awesome job on this site! I have been flyfishing for 20 years now and love using vintage gear! I only wish that I could afford the good stuff! Heres to tight loops and many landed fish!


Name: Jethro
Message: Rick, got the Bogdan yesterday and it is better than Christmas in Georgia (snow is a welcome image in 100 degree ATL!). I "wound" myself to sleep last night and my wife thinks I'm nuts, but I can't wait to line it and get on the water. You're a tough grader so, of course, the reel was better than described. Thanks for your great service. Hope to talk again soon. Jethro


Name: Larry Lerman
Message: Terrific web site. Love that Madison sends a message from time to time. Working with you to select the correct rod (Maxwell era Leonard 40M-5) for my needs and pocketbook was a pleasurable and informative experience. Most importantly, I appreciated your responsiveness to my questions. I look forward to continuing our mutually productive relationship. Thanks


Name: Loren Smith
Message: ...As an illustator of fishing and hunting books and magazines (most notably, Trey Comb's big book,"Steelhead Fly Fishing"), I appreciate attention to detail and accuracy. Rick's sincere dedication to describe his distincly one-of-a-kind offerings is detail and accuracy to the 'nth' degree. He is at the top of my list as the most honest and accurate of all the collectible tackle brokers I have dealt with in my 37 years of collecting, and his beautiful photos of the items are truly artistic.


Name: Jack L. Parker
Message: Rick, I kind of messed up a couple of times earlier today when I tried to send you a message. Anyway, I hope it works this time. It was really good to finally meet you last night. As always at Brad & Becky's the food was fantastic as was the company. Stay in touch. We bamboo guys have got to stick together. Hope you made it home okay. Jack


Name: Greg
Message: Rick, You may recall that I bought a 8'6" Wojnicki V255 Penta from you last fall. I wanted to say that its been a bit of a learning curve for me with that rod. However, after working on my casting and trying some other rods I wanted to tell you that I think this long rod at just 4oz is genius. It has power, protects tippets, and just wants to throw tight loops, like 1-2ft loops at 60ft. I have really grown to appreciate Mario's semi-parabolic taper and see why he is called a master. Thanks for the encouragement to go ahead a purchase this rod. I am a happy customer. Best Regards, Greg


Name: Mike Long
Message: Hi Rick I going to send you some information and some fly fishing package so you can link us. I really look foreword working with you. Thanks Mike Long


Name: Alan Crocker
Message: Nice place to shop.I enjoyed going on your site.I liked the pitures also.I"ll be back.Alan C


Name: Tom
Message: Dear Rick,Thank you for the Barder Rod.Cosmetically,it is the finest fly rod I have seen.His attention to detail is simply 'sick'.I will take it fishing ASAP.Thanks for your great service,Sincerely,Tom


Name: louis f. correale
Message: Hi Rick, This past winter I purchased a Stephen Kiley Mosaic, 3 wt., 6'8" bamboo rod from you. As I told you when it arrived, it is beautiful. I finally was able to get to the river with it. Let me tell you, in the sunlight this rod is gorgeous, and even casts better than it looks, if that's possible. It threw a wollybugger with the same ease it did a size 18 dry. Please let Mr. Kiley know that I cannot immagine anyone building a better looking or performing rod than this. I will be in the market for another one of his rods in the near future. Have a great season. Lou


Name: Peter
Message: I recently acquired a Kagerow and must say that it is one of the finest bamboo rods I have ever seen and handled. The workmanship is flawless, attention to detail impeccable, and its aestetic beauty comparable to any hand crafted work of art in its class. To anyone reluctant to purchase a rod made outside the U.S., in the case of Kagerow, set your concern aside. Whether you are driven to fish it or simply to invest, I do not believe one can possibly go wrong. Bamboo rods such as this are timeless works of art and wonderful fishing tools that will leave you with a smile every time you hold it! As to Rick, my appreciation to him for his time and patience in discussing my needs, follow-up in closing open issues, attention to detail, and last, simply his pleasant nature in every conversation we have had. I look forward to our next visit!


Name: Alessandro Brunelli
Message: Rick your website is awesome! Incredibly well done both in content and form. A real reference I refer to.


Name: Chad Rayner
Message: Mr. Sorensen thanks for the great service. You are the best of the best! You made my whole experience painless. Just don't tell my Wife what I paid for the Wojnicki. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Name: RM Hall
Message: Rick, The Linnea rod 814-3 with the two different tips arrived as described. I fished it in the Sierra's last weekend (7/18-19) and landed around 50 fish. I used the rod with the heavier tip and it worked as a true 4wt for very short casts but with loads of power for 50 foot cast into the wind. Hope to try it again on my next outing with the lighter tip. Very nice stick.


Name: C.R. Russell
Message: Rick, I couldn't be more happy with the five Edwards rods I purchased from you. The rods were all stunning and just as you described them. You and and your website are first class in every way. I look forward to our next transaction!


Name: Mark M. Koscinski, Bozeman, Mt.
Message: Hi Rick, I received the reel you offered from Dr. Paul Herman. Thank you so much. The reel is as advertised. A pleasure to do business with you. Best, Mark


Name: Sergio Alessandri
Message: Rick, I received the T & T rod. Excellent as described, very beatiful rod. Tanks also for the fast shipping.


Name: Tim McClure
Message: Hi Rick, I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. You have a great website. If you're ever in the neighborhood be sure to look me up. Take care, Tim


Name: Hirofumi Takeda
Message: Hi Rick, I received the two reels that you had sent. They are great conditions for use. I will enjoy fish with them one of these days. And, I will be looking forward to your website in the future. Thanks really.


Name: Mark Hume
Message: Rick - Great website! It's nice to be able to go to one place and see all this top-quality equipment by the top makers in the industry. You have a wonderful good I'm having a hard time deciding! I'm glad to see you're offering Linnéa Rods By Erik Peterson...these are some of the finest rods round. We'll be talking soon...


Message: RICK you have one heck of a nice website , good on ya , you have such a good name in the vintage tackle and you earned it , thanks from me for stepping up with the 20 LTD ED Dickerson rods that J. Pickard is making , glad you the one he picked for moving them , and your advice to me for the model 8014 guide which is what i do,i'm looking forward to getting it , now rick you get your ducks in order and come for a fish with me on the mighty bow river next summer , thanks richard ''bow river''


Name: jeff stahl
Message: i live in central penna.Fly fishing very big here. I was looking for classic fly tackle found ricks web site.Bought a reel from him very pleased with reel and service.If you are thinking about buying classic tackle.You can trust this man and what tells you.The reel i bought will be used on a 8.5 winston rod cant wait for spring hatches here on pa limestone water/thanks rick


Name: darryl g smith
Message: wish i could get my wife to sign my guest book....ha! You seem to be one of the few people who know what you are talking about when it comes to vintage soon as you find me an evh #2< you will make me forever grateful. superfly from tennessee.


Name: U Ihssen
Message: It is with pleasure that I can highly recommend dealing with Rick. The reel I ordered arrived in record time and is exactly what I expected and more. I look forward to buying a few more items from Rick in the very near future. Tight lines Uwe.


Name: Bryant S. McGrath
Message: Dear Rick: I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly express my thanks for a good first impression. It’s always comforting to talk with people that have philosophies in common, traveled the same roads (streams) and know and have people and friends in common… What’s more, is knowing your not getting a “story.” I truly believe that you will be the right person properly and honorably market my treasured collection which among others consists of H. S. “Pinky Gillum,” Jim Payne, Leonard, R. L. Winston, Stan Bogdan, Julius Hom Hofe, A. L. Walker… the list is long… My concern, like most when letting these family treasures out of ones control; Trust. Trust that the person handling the marketing knows what he or she has and how to properly expose the item to the Right market. Trust, that my stewardship of these treasures will be professionally and discretely transferred to another that realizes their historic importance as well as the personal pleasure they bring to those that are fortunate enough to behold the “Art” of another man’s passion and labor. Trust that the transaction(s) will be clean and without issue. Trust, that at the end, we will be able to refer to one another as Friends. Rick, I look forward to a mutually gratifying experience. Sincerely; Bryant S. McGrath


Name: Larry Banda
Message: Great site, and awesome customer service. Look forward to the next transaction Rick. Thanks again. Ouzel


Name: Warren Vander Hill
Message: Rick, Your site is first rate in every respect-- a fine range of tackle with insightful commentary--and a nice dash of humor !! It has certainly become my personal "go to" site.It is a great personal pleasure working with you ... Warren


Name: Ron Sanger
Message: Thanks for the smooth transaction with the reel purchase! Nicest tackle I have seen offered anywhere! What a group of Paynes! I really missed out on that one. Please keep providing outstanding first class tackle. Even if I miss a few it's very nice eye candy. Thanks much Rick!


Name: Vincent Manzullo
Message: Ricky- It was great talking to you. Im lovin this web site. I seem to keep going back to it. I must say It really shows your passion for the sport of fly fishing. I would love nothing more if we could plan a trip and drowned a few flys in the high sierras in the near future. Take care. Vinnnie


Message: Rick thank you so much for getting my Kineya reel built in record time.I don't know how you did it.As you had indicated it is everything you said.What a pleasure to be able to order a moderately high priced reel unseen and not have to worry-in 50 yrs of buying tackle you are the first I have intrusted to execute such a deal. To the rest of the Angling World-if you are serious and know what you want and are prepared to commit trust me-RICK WILL FIND IT-fair market value and pristine!


Name: Michael Thomas
Message: Very interesting, well thought-out and informative site. I initially was looking for info on my Hardy Reel collection and spent over 1 hour looking at "munu items" before I knew it. Strongly recommend it to anyone wanting information on "high-end" flyfishing tools and equipment or just a quick way to check out current tackle values.


Name: Kirk MacGillivray D.D.S.
Message: I called Rick and said I wanted a very special bamboo rod to fish with. Rick took an amazing amount of time finding out a little about me, my fishing style and type of fishing I would be doing. Rick said I have the perfect rod for you. A rare Mario Wojnicki 7'6" 4wt. The rod is simply amazing!!!! A work of art. Mario made this rod when working for Scott Rod Co. Little did Rick know my 3yr old sons name is none other than Scott. The perfect rod! I cant thank you enough Rick. THANKS!!!


Message: Rick I just received my KINEYA 301B with 301A spool special order with European buffalo handle and spool tool, it is an absolute beauty. The reel is a great alternative for the old style British reels, with absolute superior quality of workmanship and materials. I find it to be the best dollar value on the market. Your service in the transaction was of the highest degree. Thank you again.


Name: Patrick J. McPherson
Message: I have been collecting tackle now since 1978 and have never dealt with a more respectful person in the tackle business. I have become very hard to please in my old age, just ask my Wife of 34 years. Mr. Sorenson, Thanks for providing a wonderful service! In this world of uncertainty you provide clarity for this old gezer.


Name: Tom Pipic
Message: Thanks Rick for the time spent on the phone answering questions and telling me your bear story. The Kineya 702 surpassed my expectations -- love it! Hope to talk again soon, Tom (tiptop) Powell, OH


Name: T&T
Message: Hello! Rick, An Edel reel is a very splendid reel superior to a vintage thing in with a handmade reel of the present age. It is stylish and is superior in functionality, and it is the beauty that is not inferior to genuine EVH. A future demand loses a red dot, and WF6F wants width to be able to wind up to do it. I look forward to a new work of Mr Edel.


Name: David Lown
Message: Thanks for all the great transactions this past year. The Kagerow exceeded all my expectations!!! Looking forward to you finding many additional pieces to add to my collection.


Name: Kaz Suzuki
Message: Thank you for a very smooth and fun transaction on reel set I just received. I recommend West Slope to anyone, Great guy!!


Name: Steve Altshuler
Message: Rick- Thank you for such an easy transaction. The Kineya reel is beautiful, and has such a nice sound and feel to it. Looking forward to the next purchase. Regards, Steve


Name: Cris "Flybox" Carpenter
Message: Rick, Thanks for great service as usual! The products you sell are of the highest quality. I hope to leave another positive message after I receive my Beaverhead rod. I can't wait to get my Godfrey reels. Cris


Name: Michael Ohannesian
Message: Rick, thank you for your extraordinary service. Your knowledge and expertise made my purchase a pleasurable experience.


Name: Chris Moore
Message: Rick, thanks for the excellent service, prompt turn around, and your help with the custom Kineyas. I've been a fan of Kineya for a number of years and it's great to have a state-side contact now. Maybe next will be a Beaverhead Rod from Wayne Maca! Take care and best wishes for success. The posts from your family at the beginning of this list were truly are a lucky man.


Name: madison
Message: Hi dad, just wana say i love all your pictures! i think mine are the best haha just kidding.Anyways im proud of all the hard work you're doing. Keep it going strong.I know i will! Love you lots -madi- xoxoxo


Name: John Koethe
Message: Rick: Thanks for all your help in my selecting the Kineya 711 reel, which I think is just great. Since I'm just getting my first bamboo rod, I especially appreciated your advice and our conversation. And your website is wonderful--I don't know how many hours I've spent browsing it when I should have been getting down to work.


Name: cdmoore
Message: Rick...thrilled to hear that you'll be carrying Kagerow ("mayfly") rods from master craftsman Hide Ishida of Japan. I own a model Kei 7'6" 2/1 penta 3wt: gorgeous and perfectly suited to its purpose. I like it so much I'm sending it to Ishida-san this Winter for a second tip. The superior grade, all-natural Urushi lacquer finish (30 coats!) is just OUTSTANDING. I'm honored to place your first order for a Kagerow: a Main River 7'8" 3/2 4wt. Best, Chris


Name: t-budger
Message: Hello Rick, Very nice website. I'm in Japan an always looking for nice tackle from your list... I search for older T&T, Winston, Pezon Bamboo Fly Rods. Regards, t-budger


Name: RJ Wilson Copper
Message: Rick, Nice tackle! Can't stay away from your site. The Hardy is such a great reel for what I do and you told me it would be. Thanks for your fast and courteous service! It's really a nice change getting a prompt call back or return email. Love the photo gallery. Say Hi to your water dogs for me. All the best RJ.


Name: JD Coil
Message: Beautifull rod- Purchase was smooth-Shipping was great- I would recommend not only quality service but quality person to deal with- Thank you Rick!


Name: DS
Message: Thank you for a very smooth transaction for my recent purchase of a Bogdan Trout Reel. I strongly recommend West Slope to anyone considering rare fly tackle.


Name: TR
Message: Rick, Thanks for this excellent service, great product, fair pricing, extreme care with shipping and packing and your easy to navigate site. I couldnt be happier with the Winston and West Slope!!! TR


Name: Art Shilstone
Message: Mr. Sorensen you have really achieved a monumental goal with the vision you had only one year ago since we last talked. Wonderful selection of tackle my friend. I'm still fishing the rod I purchased. Now please find me the "One Rod" we spoke about:-) All my best to you and yours!


Name: Dave
Message: Rick, you are one great friend!!! Thank you for everything. You made my 50th b-day very special!!! You are the man!! Thank you for inviting me to your home and meeting your family. You are blessed, and you deserve it!!! God bless you and your whole family


Name: Dave Cox
Message: Rick What a great array of rods, reels and fly fishing accessories! Everything is professionally presented and the quality of the merchandise speaks for itself. Continued good luck from a fellow SoCal fly fishing (I need to get to the mountains to go fishing) fanatic. Dave Cox


Name: Jody Plonski
Message: Hello Rick Awesome site. I have looked for a year for the Perfect Wide spool, wish I knew about your site when I started my search. I will definitely let my spey friends in on all your goodies. It has been a pleasure doing buisness with you. You have gone above and beyond to set me up. Great communication. Thanks Jody


Name: Bob Sedlak
Message: Rick: Love your site. High-quality tackle coherently presented and nicely photographed. Best wishes for success. Bob S


Name: Daniel Nadal
Message: Great site Rick!!! What to say about the fantastic stuff you have for sale. Great person to deal with and very helpfull. Never change! Dani


Name: Bob Beyer Harrison, Maine
Message: Really great site, and dearly needed. Good luck in all you do Rick. Bob


Name: Coach Duff
Message: It's really refreshing as a fly-fisherman to have the opportunity to purchase dream components from a true fly-fisherman, not some museum curator or collector with dollar signs in his eyes. Thanks for everything, and hope to see you in March on our home rivers. We'll take care of you like you took care of us. Coach


Name: john oberto
Message: Rick, very nice site. it has been a pleasure talking fish & gear with you all these years as well as all the good gear i have purchased...come to think of it that's pretty pricey talk. let's go fishing


Name: Bob (quadfisher) Murphy
Message: Rick Very stylish website and how many people can offer a 6'9" Pinky Gillum rod. It has been wonderful doing business with you all these years. I wish you and yours all the best. Tight lines. Bob


Name: Marc (Caneseeker) Niebergall
Message: Great looking site, Rick. Best of luck.


Name: Paul Fischer
Message: Rick, How nice to finally get a rod as advertised. I have nothing I have to do to it except fish it! What a pleasant change. Not to mention your prompt and courteous service! Thanks!


Name: Andy Gudehus
Message: Wonderful site Rick! Thanks for the great service with the Kineya reels. Much nicer than I thought for the price. All the best to you! Andy


Name: Sheryl
Message: Rick, your site is outstanding! I love the classic television with the changing fly fishing pictures. I think you have done an excellent job displaying your collections!


Name: Steve Rohrig
Message: Rick, Really nice site. Looking forward to perusing the great rods and reels in the future. Especially like the photo gallery and fly fishing quotes. Can hardly wait to use that great LHW Hardy Perfect. Best of luck and tight lines.


Name: Hajime Ogura
Message: How are you. Many times your very kind to me. For you sell many good item very good business to me. Thank you for nice site but my english not so good. Thank you.


Name: Ken Corey
Message: Rick, nice job ... well done. After doing business with you these past 5 years via e-mails etc. this new site will make it all much easier. Nicely done, Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. Ken


Name: Zen. Seliokas
Message: Good things happen to good people and you Rick, are good people ! Best of luck on your new venture. "Zennino"


Name: Arthur Kuan Chee Yung
Message: Its a beautiful site Rick... pure heartwork! Congrats and hope order an aroner from you in future.


Name: Steve Altshuler
Message: Great site Rick, and thanks for a smooth transaction. Wishing you continued success - and thank you for more eye-candy browsing! -Steve


Name: Ron Powell
Message: I met Rick many years ago & you won't find a more dedicated or HONEST Man! He is extreamly knowledgeable & a credit to the flyfishing industy. But Most of all He is A Gentleman! He's The Best! Good Luck My Friend, Alway's SHARKY :-)


Name: Mark Kelly
Message: Rick, Thanks for your wonderful service! Being new to Bamboo rods you have helped me more than I can say. Simply the best vintage tackle site I have seen to date. I know you will do great things. Mark:)


Name: Kell Bell
Message: Uncle Rick you're website is absolutely amazing! I loved looking at all the pictures! Keep up the great work uncle!!!!


Name: Cloozoe
Message: A truly stylish web site, Rick! Of course I'd expect no less from a a classy and stylish guy like you. May Westslope continue to flourish and afford you the satisfaction you so richly deserve. Best, Cloozoe


Name: Dr. Nigel Barnes DDS
Message: Hello Mr. Sorensen, I really enjoyed looking through your new web site. It is everything I have grown to expect from you. Please advise me on any other Kosmic's that you may encounter. Dr. Nigel Barnes DDS


Name: Three Toed Mills
Message: Very Nice! I really love this new site! And thanks for all the fantastic equipment I purchased from you over the last few years. All the best, Three Toes


Name: Kristie Sorensen-Wiens
Message: Hi, Rick-- Love your impressive West Slope website and wishing you all the best! Love, Kris


Name: Robert Champagne
Message: Great website really enjoy all the information you have. some of the reels are very impressive. Will visit often.


Name: Kasey
Message: WOW! Your website is impressive! I enjoyed checking out all of the old photos. Nice job, Uncle Rick :-)


Name: Dave Lyons Sr (poudre)
Message: Rick~congratulations on a FANTASTIC site. You have defineately raised the bar and set the standard for your business. LUV the wonderfull pictures and the GREAT lineup of builers. Wishing you the very best! Dave


Name: Rick (Midstream) Mangus
Message: Fantastic site! Best offerings anywhere. I would give my eye teeth for that winston light trout rod! Good luck and blessings on your business!


Name: Svante Östh
Message: Very nice site, easy to navigate.Wonderful photos.Wish you good luck. tight lines Svante


Name: madison sorensen
Message: Hey dad i loveee your site it's soooo awesome but not as awesome as you hehe i hope everything all goes well with it and theres no doubt in my mine will well luv ya tons dad byeeee <3your daughter


Name: Dan Dixon
Message: The site looks fantastic Rick! Hope to see you at the Metolius this year. Dan


Name: Mom
Message: Rick I am very proud of you. Wish you the best of luck with your business. Love, Mom


Name: Shelley Ziegler
Message: Rick Its big sis here! GREAT JOB! This is AWESome! Wish you the BEST! Especially love the pictures of Dad and Grandpa! The Buck Forester photo's are absolutely beautiful.


Name: Dave Lyons
Message: Hey Rick, I hope you enjoy your new web site! It's been a PLEASURE working with ya :) dave


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