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Please visit our friends at the following links.

Art of Angling Journal - visit
Winner of Five National Magazine Awards. Dedicated to the best flies, tackle and fishing on earth!


Archuletas Reel Works - visit
Ask for Bill Archuleta. Tell him Rick from West Slope Classic Fly Tackle sent you. The finest Reel repair I can recommend. Vintage Hardy, Seamaster, Bogdan et...


James Acord's Leather - visit
The only place to order James Acord's custom made, classic leather artwork fly fishing cases for your rod, reel, or flies. Each piece is totally hand made to order by Jimmy, who designs, carves and paints natural images, and sews all the work himself. Jimmy also makes custom order flasks and cigar cases. This is exclusive, functional, collectible art, not production work. - visit
The online magazine for Cane lovers


MOG - Marco O. Giardina Rod Builder - visit
My new friends website Marco O. Giardina Bamboo rod builder of Italy!


Long Beach Casting Club - visit
Casting Club in in the SoCal area.


The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club - visit
Casting & Angling Club in the Bay Area.


Andy Royer The Bamboo Broker - visit
We recognize the amount of work and passion that goes into building a split cane fly-rod, we supply bamboo that has undergone similar scrutiny.


Galco Gun Leather - visit
Galco Gun Leather represents the highest quality the industry has to offer. From their Premium saddle leather, Ballistic nylon, and of course horsehide, to the designs that have made Galco famous, Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference."


Brandin Split - Cane Rods - visit
Per Brandin designs rods with primarily two qualities in mind, smoothness and power.


The Flytier's Page - visit
Over 2992 patterns by 202 tiers, fully illustrated & described.


The Trout Underground - visit
Tom Chandler's Fly Fishing Blog. A great daily resource for everything Fly Fishing!


Mario Wojnicki Fly Rods - visit
Quote from Mario Wojnicki In principle, given all the technical data and proficiency at the craft, it should be easy to produce the finest of fly rods. However, there seems to be more to fly rods then simple distribution of weight and power. Every bamboo fly rod is a testimony to who the rod maker is. Some rods are good, some are not, but almost all are worthy of our passion.


Ralph & Lisa Cutter California School of Fly Fishing - visit
Ralph & Lisa Cutter California School of Fly Fishing - visit In small groups Ralph and Lisa Cutter will lead you through an intense learning experience. Their on the water instruction simply can't be duplicated on a city lawn or parking lot. They guarantee you'll become a better fly fisher. They are one of the oldest and most respected "fly" schools in the country. They school has been profiled in such diverse publications as National Geographic Adventure, the L.A. Times, Outside, Adventure West, the Wall Street Journal, Sunset, and Playboy. Bugs of the Underworld. I will say this the DVD is a must for anyone that just starting out in fly fishing. Ralph has taken 11 years to produce & film some of the most stunning underwater insect activity. Extraordinary underwater footage follows the life cycles of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and other amazing bugs. Fly fishers will gain valuable insights as they see how insects behave and what they really look like to trout! Teachers, parents, river monitors, scientists, and kids of all ages will be entertained and enlightened by this film.


James Reams Fly Rods - visit
Jim is fortunate to live right on California's highly technical Fall River, and within fifteen miles of some of California greatest trout streams like Hat Creek and the Pit River. It's a great setting for his testing of new rods and his latest fly patterns. Jim's tapers have evolved in these settings, and what's developed are rods that cast and fish beautifully.


The Hidy Rod Company - visit
Hidy rods are primarily progressive tapers with moderate actions, making them suitable for both wet and dry style fishing. The lower and middle sections start to function early in lengthening the line while allowing for a very powerful cast. This makes for a rod that is fun and effective to fish in close, yet able to deliver long casts with ease. Coupled with a process of hollow building well into the upper part of the rod, the result is a combination of lightness, quicker recovery (dampening) and pleasure of fishing.


The Lost World of Mr. Hardy - visit
Acclaimed filmmakers Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier turn their camera on the history of Hardy's, but this film is much more than that. A celebration of quality, the craftsman's hand and the essence of what angling is all about; "The Lost World of Mr. Hardy" is a treasure for any discerning fisherman. (Documentary Feature Film, 93 minutes). Please mention West Slope when purchasing. Thanks!!!


Bow River Adventures - visit
Bow River Adventures owner, operator & guide Richard Mason. This trophy class river is known as a fly fishermans paradise and is Canada's #1 best wild trout River with over 2000 trout per 1/2 mile.


Rivers of a Lost Coast the Movie - visit
While much attention has turned to the crippled commercial fishing industry, Rivers of a Lost Coast examines the situation through the unique, little-known history of California’s north coast fly fishing community. From this rare perspective, our documentary provides a symbolic, melancholy reflection on a wild California that has been lost to the growing metropolis. Rivers of a Lost Coast follows California’s coastal fly fishing community through the rise and collapse of one of the world’s most magical fisheries. To some, this is a story about time and place, about a California that was. To others, it is a story about who we are, what we need and where we are going.


The Boykin Spaniel Club - visit
Learn about this special breed and what wonderful dog's they are. I am the very proud owner of two female Bella & Luna thanks to Paisley Lyne Stevens and her Husband Larry! Could not have done it without you guys!!! They fit in very nicely here at West Slope and can't wait to take them on their first fishing trip to the high country. - visit
Michael Sinclair is proud to finally announce that Goodwin Granger: The Rod Man from Denver is available for pre-order. The book is scheduled for shipping in November. BUT DON'T WAIT to order - the REGISTERED EDITION is being printed in very limited numbers. Only 400 will ever be produced, as that is the number of Granger Registered Rods that were made. Each copy will have it's own registration number and will be signed. To pre-order go to


REFINED JOURNEYS World Wide Experiential Travel Featuring World Renowned High Sierra Fly Fishing Refined Journeys professionalism in travel services, combined with their more than a quarter century of destination experience and sales, allows them to offer unique experiences custom made for their clients. Based in Fresno California at the entrance of The Sierra Nevada’s and Yosemite National Park, they are positioned particularly well for the outdoor adventurist, especially the novice or aspiring fly fisherman. Mike Long has lived, fly fished and guided in the Sierra’s for over twenty years. Guiding celebrities like Derrel Lomonica retired Quarterback of the Oakland Raiders featured on the fishing program Fishing the West as well as on ESPN Sports, Trout Unlimited series on fly fishing for Golden Trout in the John Muir Wilderness of the Sierra National Forest. Join Mike in a High Sierra fly fishing adventure for Golden Trout in the majestic alpines on lush green meadows above the timber line, or in the shadows of the grand beauty of Half Dome and Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park. Call or click today for more information on this exceptional experience in the area known arguably for the most Golden Trout in the world. Email: Refined Journeys - 6702 N. Cedar Ave. Ste 201 Fresno CA, 93710 Phone: 1 877 581 0745 - Locally 559 298 8525


The Fiberglass Manifesto - visit
Great blog for Fiberglass and many other great things that come to market.


Coach Duffs Hawaiian Bone Fishing - visit
For the best in guided Bone Fishing Trips contact Coach Duff. Tell him West Slope sent you! Just a short trip to Hawaii puts you in Trophy Bone Fish waters.


Leather Rod and Reel tubes - visit
Stunning leather work by Annie Aargarita


Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum - visit
Historic Museum from the roots of fly fishing


Fort Henry Custom Knives - visit
Fort Henry Custom Knives - Visit Vince is the knife Man. Has every thing you need and more. We have the same styles in selling just a different produce. I must stress the fact that each knife sells so fast you must stay connected. He adds many produces on Fridays. Great Guy good prices!!!


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