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Pickard Bamboo Fly Rods

The tapers John uses were designed for Michigan trout streams. John makes exceptional casting rods with a fit and finish that is equal to any rods made today.

John builds Flamed Parabolic rods and Blond cane rods that are very similar to Young and Dickerson Rods. John grew up fishing these and have had a number of these rods over the years. I am quite familiar with how they cast and feel. John's grandfather was a guide on the Ausable in the 30-60's, It was just natural to make the same style of rod.

John's grandfather, Marion Burtch, was the head guide and member of the Rainbow Club on the Ausable river near Wakley bridge from 1930 to 1966. The Rainbow Lodge was owned by Jerry Webber the owner of J.L. Hudson Dept. stores. Mr. Webber was a good customer of Lyle Dickerson and Paul Young. John's grandfather fished with a variety of Dickerson and Young rods.

Flamed Parabolic Rods

The standard rods will be mottled-flamed cane with blued nickel silver super z style ferrules, blued cap, and ring cork reel seats with brown-bronze silk guide wraps. The 8' and the 8'6" rods can be ordered with a screw down locking seat at no additional cost. Please let me know your preference when you order.

The models are:

Blond Rods

Prices are:
$1450.00 for 2/2 Flamed Parabolic Rods or Blond/Dickerson style models.
$1550.00 for 3/2 rods and rods 2/2 8'6"longer
$1625.00 for 2/2 Quadrate rods.

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